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September 13, 2009


Been working at Comex IT fair.
I think this is so much better than last time.
The people over there are friendly and nice (except those ppl inside).
But, my legs are like jelly and im like log tired nowwww.

Okay, work was fine because this time i have Jenna at there too. Both of us worked at level 6. And she's like keep coming to my place to talk. haha. Then she waited for me like 1.5hours? and then went off.
Anw, i realised ch always waited for me to knock off (for one day) whenever i worked at IT fair.
& this time round, bestie PEGGY GOH also waited for me. damn happy!
Went to have my dinner with them and then celebrated ch's birthday.
Then, we rushed for the last train. Lol.
(Am waiting for Peggy to send me the photos! I thought you guys will update on your blog!)

Then it was friday. They told me to go M1 (at level 2) instead of SE (at level 6) on saturday cause they said M1 need people. I was like freaking sad cause i just get to know them then i need to go down and work with strangers. So, i've got no mood to work on saturday.
Alright, went to lau pa sa festival market to meet my sis and her friends after work. Yesyes, Stingray! Me like! :D

Then saturday. Bumped into kahmeng(primary school friend) and then went to work together. Went over to M1 and i got to know like 3 people in awhile. Damn fast! The people there like friendly too! hahaha. And guess what! I swopped with one guy and ended up, working at level 6 again! :)

I think this meal was much better than the first meal! Lol.

Then went toilet break with J.

& it was sunday! Work as usual except the fact that i've no mood to sell. After work, went to celebrate the Andrew's (In-charge) birthday (the cake was damn nice) and then meetup with Jenna. haha, finally i got my memory card for my phone! Jenna helped me to buy cause i cannot walk around the fair. And she treated me one muffin! (nice too) Thanks! :D
Toilet break again! (Think we always go there and chit chat! haha)

Look at this! We took a few times and all her eyes look away when i haven even capture yet!

haha, like finally!
(Am waiting for them to send me the photos for A's birthday)
Then home sweet home.

Anw, i dropped the idea of working at Mariott Hotel cause im like damn tired. Pq called me to work at 8am which means, i've to wake up at 6am?! MIA this morning and they were like keep calling my phone!!! Agrh, just hope that they wont call me again!

<p>Till then.

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